Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Saturday list - One Barnet special - The list of shame

Just for the record, here is the list of shame for the key players in the One Barnet debacle These mens actions are causing the loss of hundreds of jobs in Barnet. 1. Mike Freer Mp - Council Leader who Championed One Barnet now Finchley MP 2. Matthew Offord Mp - Freers loyal deputy and now Hendon Mp 3. Max Wide - BT employee who set up One Barnet project 4. Nick Walkley - ceo brought in by Freer to do the dirty work. Now ceo at Harringey 5. Jeff Lustig - Barnet Head of Legal. Oversaw prohect. Retired 6. Andrew Harper - effectively Freers replacement and One Barnet Evangelist. Sidelined and leaving council. 7. Richard Cornelius - Leader of Council who signed contract despite 'doubts' 8. Andrew Travers. Walkleys replacement and One Barnet Evangelist. 9. Daniel Thomas. Deputy Leader of Council 10. Paul Pindar. Ceo Capita. Announced retirement recently

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