Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Saturday list #46 - Independent Shops you should check out in Mill Hill

One of the things that the Barnet Eye feels passionately about is the state of the local economy. I was extremely pleased to note that a Cafe has opened at Mill Hill Broadway Station to quench the thirst of hard pressed commuters. I urge all commuters to try it out and use the service. I had a couple of cuppas this week.

Here is a list of a few other independent shops in Mill Hill which are well worth trying out

Mill Hill Wines - Great wine shop, expert knowledge and a good selection of beers, whiskys and other spirits as well.

Cooksleys Butchers - High quality meat, the last of the independent butchers in Mill Hill Broadway. Try their kebabs

Gerrards Butchers - Another good butcher, located on the parade of shops in Daws Lane. Also does excellent delicatessen products

Boudica Lingerie - On the Hale Lane parade of shops just before the junction with the Broadway. Does what it says on the tin.

In and Out - Small grocer shop, with excellent selection of Polish provisions.

Millets Sports - Sports equipment & trainers shop

There are also several Ladies clothes shops.

I find it sad that many outlets have become Bookies, Building Societies and Estate Agents. Over the last 35 years the nature of the Broadway has really changed. When I was at School in the late 1970's the only coffee shop was Chowens, which was more an emporium for old ladies with blue rinses to eat Cream Merangues. Now we have several decent Coffee shops, which has kept the High Street Alive. The latest fad appears to be nail shops. I can't say I personally think these are a great addition, but there is a market for them.

What I miss

A record Shop
A proper fishmonger
A greengrocer
A Toyshop
The Model Shop

What do you miss?

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