Friday, 24 January 2014

BAPS Election meeting - The fallout

On Wednesday night, BAPS held an election meeting at the Larches Trust. Representatives from Labour, Lib Dems & The Greens attended, along with Mrs Angry. About 50 people turned up to see what they had to say. One person who wasn't on the panel was local UKIP candidate Adrian Murray-Leonard. Mr Murray Leonard was incensed because UKIP were excluded. The official reason for the exclusion, according to Tirza Waisel was because UKIP have not published any policies for Barnet, hence they clearly had nothing to say. Mr Murray Leonard turned up to complain about the exclusion and was promptly turfed out, allegedly for being disruptive.

The Barnet Eye spoke to Mr Murray Leonard yesterday. He said "BAPS are just a bunch of champagne socialist, middle class housewifes, who plot revolution then return home to their million pound houses in Totteridge". Mr Murray Leonard then went on "They are not working class and are out of touch with middle class people". He continued "One guy even blamed me for the death of disabled people, claiming it was all my fault". Mr Murray Leonard was referring to an incident where disabled rights campaigner, John Sullivan confronted him as he left. Mr Sullivan is not a housewife and does not live in a million pound mansion. The Barnet Eye spoke to Mr Sullivan who said "A member of UKIP stated that disabled people like my daughter Susan should be guillotined at birth. No member of UKIP has ever rejected this policy" Mr Sullivan was referring to this story in the Daily Mirror  He said "People like Murray-Leonard make me sick, my daughter Susan is 50 years old. What right have UKIP to say she should have been guillotined. He had no answer to my question and didn't reject the comments of UKIP on the subject. As far as I am concerned, he is the scum of the earth".  (updated 18:21 - Mr Lister, who made these comments, joined UKIP after this story received National coverage. See this story - Mr Sullivan has explained that the fact UKIP accepted Mr Lister knowing his record implies approval of his views. A UKIP Hendon spokesman told me that Mr Murray Leonard was unaware of the story and did not know what Mr Sullivan was referring to. They have promised to comment when they are fully aware of the story).

The Barnet Eye also noticed a stream of rather biased tweets from the Chris Hewitt, a reporter on the Barnet Times, calling the meeting a "Lefty Love in" (despite the fact that it was open invite, the Tories refused to come) conveniently ignoring the fact that the Lib Dems who are a Centre Right party in a right wing government were on the panel. When challenged, the Times Editor Martin Buhgaria (no relation of Uncle Bulgaria the Womble) pointed out on twitter that the paper had once published a story about sprinklers that upset the local Tories.

What more can I say !


button55 said...
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button55 said...

Just to set the record straight,it was the distorted mind of a Tory deputy mayor "Owen Lister" who came out with that outrageous statement referring on what he would like to see being done to disabled children.

I was totally unaware of this sickening story,we (UKIP) would not tolerate any of our members making abhorrent statements such as this,as they would soon become ex members.

Rog T said...

Glad to hear that you are disgusted. If you google the name of the man in the story, you will see that he quit the Tories after this and joined UKIP. The story was given widespread press coverage. Whilst you can't blame a party if one of their members does something like this and appropriate action is taken, in this case he joined UKIP afterwards. That is why Mr Sullivan, who has a disabled daughter is so angry with UKIP.