Friday, 3 January 2014

Treat the Romanian People with respect

On 30th June 1944 my Dad was shot down flying a Wellington Bomber for the RAF over Ploesti in Romania. He was in the process of bombing an oil refinery. He was injured bailing out of the plane and his rear gunner F/O Andrew Murphy was killed. He was found by Romanian farmers who treated him with nothing but kindness. He was also shown great hospitality by the Romanian air force, who gave a respectful military funeral to F/O Murphy. Given the fact that the Romainians were at war with the UK and the fact the RAF had been bombing them, he held the Romanian people in the highest regard. In light of his respect for the Romanian people and the dignity afforded to F/O Murphy, I may, as a mark of respect, smack the next person who slags the Romanian people off in my presence.

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george said...

good to see the newspapers are calming down now about romanian floods