Friday, 31 January 2014

The Friday Joke - 31/1/2014

Here's one for all of you aspiring young musicians out there

Why did the A&R manager cross the road? Who knows? Who understands any of their decisions? ;-)

And for those of you who want political jokes

Here's one for all you Tory Voters.
Why did Ed Balls cross the road? Well he's crossed everyone else, so why wouldn't he

Here's one for all of you Labour voters.
Why did George Osborne cross the road? Dunno, but I'm so happy he did

And one for Lib Dem voters.
Why did Vince Cable cross the road? Just to wind up George Osborne and Ed Balls,who he thinks are a bit dim !

And finally for UKIP voters, why did Nigel Farage cross the road?
Because he saw the other three and wanted to ask why they hadn't invited him!

Have a great weekend !

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