Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Labour Councillor defects to Tories

Congratulations to Cllr Sodha on becoming Barnets newest Tory Councillor following her defecton from the Barnet Labour Party. The Barnet Eye believes this to be a very positive move for the London Borough of Barnet as in our opinion, this has raised the average IQ of both the Barnet Labour and Conservative groups.

Rather amusingly, when I tweeted this earlier, Ex Tory Councillor Dan Hope posted the following tweet.

Luckily for Dopey Dan, Mr Mustard rode in to his rescue and gave him a lesson in elementary maths ! If Dan needs a good maths tutor, we can recommend a very good one, who helped our son pass his SATS when he was at primary school.

To be fair to the Tories ( I am in a very good mood), they probably have the two Councillors with the highest IQ's in the council. John Hart and Sury Khatri are extremely intelligent and well qualified gentlemen and always good value for a private conversation. I suppose you can conclude from this, that one or two of the others, haven't impressed me, to draw my conclusion about the average. (Dan if you require an explanation of this statement, I suggest you ask Mr Mustard privately and spare yourself the embarrassment of another daft public tweet).

Sadly I couldn't make the BAPS meeting tonight. A guest blog would be most welcome if anyone did attend.

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