Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Saturday List #50 - The All Time Top Ten blogs on the Barnet Eye

The vast majority of visitors to the Barnet Eye simply click on the to visit the blog and look at what rubbish I've written on that particular day - over 90% of people usually visit the main page and see whats there. Of the blogs people have individually selected to read, these are the ones that have had the most hits, according to the stats on the blogger website. I suppose that given that only one of the top ten was written in the last year, I must conclude that the quality of my blogging has got worse !

Thanks to all of you who have thus far contributed to the total number of blog hits of  1,197,608 !!! 
as of today at 09:45

12 Aug 2010, 1 comment
30 May 2009, 14 comments
1 Apr 2010, 2 comments

1 comment:

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