Monday, 20 January 2014

UKIP and the long range weather forecast

We hear that a UKIP Councillor has decreed that the recent flooding was the direct responsibility of MP's passing legislation allowing Gay marriage. I must admit I found myself laughing. So it seems that UKIP believe that you can predict weather patterns by the legislation passed in Parliament, whilst at the same time disbelieving the sound scientific evidence for climate change. This idea quite appeals to me. What seems rather odd though is how UKIP seem to think that God, who is all seeing, all knowing and all powerful reacts to such legislation with seemingly random flooding in areas not especially associated with Gay Marriage. Now if areas such as Hampstead Heath had found themselves under nine foot of water, one could perhaps see a pattern, but to the best of my knowledge God has arranged the flood to be in more rural areas and on flood plains (strange place to build houses?). Being raised in a God fearing house, I am very familiar with the bible stories, however usually it was people who upset God who attracted his wrath, not random people who had little to do with the decision. So perhaps UKIP have got it wrong? Maybe God is more upset with attempts to repeal the Foxhunting ban? Or maybe he's fed up with the number of people in the countryside who drive gas guzzlers.

One of our local MP's Mike Freer, was a keen advocate of Gay marriage. According to UKIP, surely Finchley and Golders Green should be under 20' of water now, especially given the large population well versed in the old testament of his constituency. Surely if God really was angry about the Gay marriage legilsation, he would have laid waste to Mr Freer's constituency. Which has to make us conclude that perhaps God isn't too bothered. Perhaps God has better things to worry about.

Personally I would quite like it if God's retribution came down occasionally on evil do'ers. In my book though, evildoers are not people who shut the curtains and don't hurt other people. I would like to see a few arms factories flooded. I would like to see a few mass murderers and tyrants struck by lightening. I'd even like to see a few greedy property developers see the horrible schemes washed away in a deluge. Sadly though, we live in a time when humanity seems to have to take responsibility for dealing with its own problems. I suspect God thinks we've grown up and should deal with the problems we've made for ourselves.

And before I am deluged with disgruntled UKIP supporters claiming that this particular nutcase is a rogue individual, may I suggest that they take some responsibility. Nigel Farage claimed that the bloke was really a Tory who had somehow slipped through the vetting process (see this story in the Evening Standard ). If this is how Farage will deal with such a crass and idiotic man, then it is clear UKIP are doomed. Oddly Farage claims that the bloke always held these views but they have only been reported now he's joined UKIP. Why on earth did Farage accept him if he disagrees?

He should have instigated a full review of their selection criteria and should be working to ensure that his party maintains discipline and doesn't give a platform to people who are clearly not the full shilling. As a party Leader, Farage has to take responsibility for the people in his party. It seems like we live in a society where no one will ever step up and say "We got this wrong". It is always someone elses fault. If you thought UKIP were different, think again. Every party has nutcases in its ranks. It is how they deal with them which defines the party. I think Farage has displayed a complete lack of leadership in this issue.


baarnett said...

Whatever you think of it, there's a great spoof of BBC Radio 4's Shipping Forecast, that includes a "warning of gays in Bongo Bongo Land".
Listen to it on:
Daily Telegraph.

Anonymous said...

Me and the missues are off on a tour of deserts bringing water to the needy.

Jim said...

"Being raised in a God fearing house, I am very familiar with the bible stories, however usually it was people who upset God who attracted his wrath, not random people who had little to do with the decision"

Most of the genocide in the old testament is fairly indiscriminate. Take Sodom and Gomorrah for example: the men of the village (except Lot and Lot's sons) all gathered outside Lot's house wanting to rape the two angels who had visited him.

I can support this so far - trying to rape angels is deserving of punishment.

But Yahweh destroyed the whole town, including the women, children and babies.

I find it hard to imagine how a baby can deserve to die for being born in the wrong town.

Who did God save? A man who tried to force his daughters into being gang raped by the men of the village, then later impregnated both his daughters.

I don't know what morals can be drawn from this, but I'm not feeling that Yahweh is particularly careful in who he hands out his judgement to.

Are we honestly going to say that giving women up to gang rape, murdering babies and drunken incest are all acceptable? Whereas happening to be born in the wrong town is cause for punishment?