Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Saturday list #52 - My ten least favourite roads in Barnet

For todays Saturday list, I thought I'd compile a list of my ten least favourite bits of road in Barnet. These are the bits that I always groan when I approach in a car. |Most of them I like them even less on a bike.

1. Apex Corner, Mill Hill, approaching from A41 from Edgware.
2. Henleys Corner approaching from A406 from the East
3. North Circular between Brent Cross and Staples Corner
4. Edgware Road between West Hendon and Colindale
5. A41 Southbound approaching the Boroughs in Hendon
6. Partingdale Lane
7. Tally Ho Corner
8.  Edgware Road at Burnt Oak
9. Mill Hill Circus Roundabout
10. Stretch of road by Jack Straws Castle Hampstead

Do you have a stretch of road in Barnet that you don't like?

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