Friday, 21 March 2014

Come up to Friern Barnet Library tonight at 7.30 & meet the Barnet Eye !

Tonight I am on the panel at Friern Barnet Library at 7:30 tonight, for question time. The other panel members are Labour Councillor Kath McGuirk and Parking campiagner Helen Michael. I had originally only agreed to appear on the panel if a Conservative representative appeared. I felt there was no point in having a sterile debate. The organisers have failed to secure a single Barnet Tory who is prepared to face the Barnet Eye (or possibly Kath/Helen). As there are 36 councillors and 3 MPs, it is clear that not all of them have other arrangements. This means only one of two things. Either they are not prepared to discuss their record in office with people who have watched what they've done because they are embarrassed, or they are to intimidated by my withering intelligence (joke).

So why did I change mymind. The Tories have been in power for 12 years in the council. We don't need a Tory to explain what they would do. They have a record to discuss. If they are not prepared to come and justify what they've done, then it must mean they think it is unjustifiable and agree with my criticisms. So why are they standing? For most of them I believe it is because they get a minimum (often much more) of £10,000 from the taxpayer as a bung. All they have to do to get the cash is turn up for 2 meetings a year. This sum is more than many people get for doing a full time job for a year.

Please come along tonight. Kath and Helen are great, feisty characters and have a lot to say. We may not have a Barnet Conservative, but we have their record which is more important. It would also be great to have questions on other issues and if there is something you want raising on this blog, you can tell me. It is always nice to meet readers.

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