Saturday 15 March 2014

The Saturday List #58 - The strangest things I've seen in Barnet

This week, a Lorry crashed outside the front entrance of my business, Mill Hill Music Complex. It was extremely strange seeing a 40 ft articulated Lorry and it's trailer on its side in Bunns Lane. But this wasn't the strangest thing I've seen.

Here is my top ten strange things 

1. A man having sex with a goat in the waste space adjacent to Mill Hill Broadway Station and the car park, circa 1981 (this site now has housing on it).

2. A man fishing in the floodwaters under the M1 by Mill Hill Broadway station in the late 1960's

3.  A man driving a motorised bed down Mill Hill Broadway sometime in the late 1960's (it was being filmed)

4. A Ghostly apparition on the footpath across St Josephs college fields in the fog, sometime in 1981 after a heavy night at the Three Hammers.

5. A man sunbathing on the M1 when it was closed following the Scrap Yard fire

6. Standing next to Jim Callaghan, then Prime Minister, having a wee in the Burnt Oak Labour club during the 1979 General Election Campaign

7. Watching the Princess of Tonga jiving as my Band played at the St Josephs college garden Fete in 1988

8. A "zombie cucumber" plant growing outside my brothers workshop in Bunns Lane.

9. Watching turtles sunbathing in Sheepwash pond, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill.

10. Looking out of the window to see the enormous flame & smoke when Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead blew up. 

--- What is the strangest thing you've seen in the London Borough of Barnet

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Anonymous said...

Before that Buncefield fire, there were no aviation-fuel tanker trains through London.

After the fire, trains crossing north London had to be used, to supply Heathrow Airport. That is fair enough, due to the emergency.

What is NOT fair is that the risky trains are STILL running, nearly every night at about 4am - because it is more profitable to use trains than return to using the restored pipelines.

You can study the result of an accident, with the ITN/CNN video of an accident in Ayrshire in 2009.

It is also worth listening to the whole press briefing of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, about how it could have been much worse.

Bear in mind the Scottish accident merely involved diesel and heating oil - aviation fuel is far more dangerous.

Boris refuses to do anything about these completely unnecessary hazardous trains across London. Why?