Monday, 10 March 2014

A few notes about the NHS for Matthew Offord MP

I received a rather worrying email from one of my readers concerning Matthew Offord MP. The reader, who is a constituent of Matthew Offord wrote to him expressing his concerns about the state of the NHS in Barnet. Mr Offord has thus far completely ignored his email. The Barnet Eye is rather surprised that an MP is not bothered with such issues. We thought we'd remind him of a few salient points.

1. The state of A&E admissions in Barnet was revealed by Andrew Dismore in a press release last week, featured on the Barnet Eye (Andrew Dismore backs the Barnet Eye on effects of NHS cuts in Barnet)

2. Life saving operations for illnesses such as cancer are being cancelled for residents of Mr Offords Hendon constituency (as well as other areas of the London Borough of Barnet) due to lack of ICU beds.

3. Since 1995 Barnet residents have lost A&E facilities at two local hospitals, Chase Farm and Edgware General. Both were closed by Conservative governments.

4. Mr Offords Conservative predecessor, Mr John Gorst lost his seat as a direct result of the Tories shutting Edgware General. Healthcare is one issue where people trust Labour more than the Tories.

5. The government is responsible for the NHS. Mr Offord is paid to represent us. Is it too uch to ask him to have the courtesy to reply to his consitiuents?

6. Mr Offord was recently photographed campaigning against fly tipping in the local paper. Does he think that fly tipping in Grahame Park is a more pressing concern for his constituents than not being treated if they are seriously ill.

7. Mr Dismore revealed that 51 emergency operations were cancelled. That means 51 families have been put through hell. Does he care.

I suggest that Mr Offord gets his act together. It may not bother him, but I can assure him, it will bother the people who vote for him.

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