Saturday, 15 March 2014

UKIP Barnet supporting green belt overdevelopment

This morning I found a UKIP leaflet on my doorstep.

I was intrigued to see the venue, at Mr Andrew Reid's "Belmont Childrens Farm". Mr Reid is, or was, a key member of the Hendon Conservative party and was a deputy chair of the association. Mr Reid also had a long running battle with Barnet Council over his development of the site.

As you will see here, Barnet Council had to take out two enforcement notices against his operation for breaches of planning rules concerning the green belt site.

Enter NW7 1QT into the "location" box for this search and you will see the details

You will also see a whole host of attempts to redevelop the site on the councils website. If you click the various links you will also see how many were rejected.

Enter NW7 1QT into this link for details

Whatever you think of the Childrens Farm, it is clear that it has been developed with scant regards to the green belt or the legislation associated. I was under the impression that the site was only to be used for activities related to farming and the operation of the site, not for meetings and activities unrelated to the farm. It is quite clear from this leaflet that the site is operating as a venue for conferences/political meetings. What this has to do with farming and the green belt, I have no clue.

The situation is quite clear. By choosing the Belmont Childrens farm as a venue for their meeting, in a widely delivered leaflet, the party are endorsing the site and its attitude to planning and protection of the green belt. We must assume that if Barnet UKIP endorse such developments on this site, they couldn't oppose such developments anywhere else on the green belt without looking like a bunch of hypocrites.

I suppose we can conclude from their statement that they are a new alternative for Barnet that this alternative is one where rich landowners are given carte blanche to build what they want on the Green Belt. Call me old fashioned, but that doesn't sound like a great "alternative" to me.

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Anonymous said...

Does this date fall within the purdah time for the Euros? in which case the law on "treating" comes into force, and a free canape and half a shandy will land the party firmly on the wrong side of election law. Worth keeping an eye on?