Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Saturday list #59 - My favourite ever Cafes in the London Borough of Barnet

For those of you who know me well, you'll know I like a nice big tasty full English Breakfast. I was pondering my favourite ever cafes this morning as I tucked into the lovely vegetarian fry up my beloved cooked up for me ((which was very tasty I might add).

1. Cafe Buzz, North Finchley (Quality full English from the Lovely Helen)
2. Betta Cafe, Burnt Oak (Sadly closed) (Cup of tea and a bacon Sarnie before school in the late 1970's)
3. Cafe Anglais, Colindale - (A great weekend treat, Kippers, toast and tea)
4. Buzby's, Apex Corner, Mill Hill - (I do love their Shepard's pie and chips)
5. Hudsons, Mill Hill Broadway - (Lovely Sausage Sarnie)
6. The Big Chef, East Finchley - (Spiffing full English)
7. Sid's Cafe  - Mill Hill Broadway (closed 1970 - A special treat with my Dad)
8. The Old Forge Tea Rooms, Highwood Hill, Mill Hill (Closed 1970'ish, great cup of tea and cake)
9. The Blue Zone Cafe, The Green Man, Edgware/Mill Hill Borders  (omlettes - not that I eat them these days)

So that is my list. What is your list?

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Anonymous said...

In the Sixties 'The Oasis' in Sheaveshill Ave used to serve up Spag.Bol. and chips - the only foreign food available in Colindale then (unless you count The Wimpy being American).