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Guest Blog - Barnet Council declares war on the disabled by John Sullivan

By John Sullivan,

I read this article in the Times this and wept If you are of the Leader of Barnet Council,  Councillor Richard Cornelius mindset and one of his ardent followers  who support what he says in this article then wear your badge with pride. Because pride comes before a fall, and I look forward to watching you fall into disgrace swallowed up by your perverse envy and greed, your grabbing at a couple of pence per day cut in your council tax no matter the damage it inflicts on the disabled the vulnerable and others.

It is not to late for you to challenge the claims of Cornelius wherein he in effect implies that the majority of the residents of Barnet do not give a tuppeny feck about the disabled, and support the cutting of support services in order to provide you with less than the price of a cup of coffee per week.
The Cornelius council hate campaign against disabled people has been raging for the past few years devastating cuts have been made to support services for handicapped adults and their support workers incomes, with more planned if he gets back into power, and now this pernicious sick minded soulless  man has started on the disabled kids. What sort of pernicious sick minded envious ideologue can possibly believe that the majority of Barnet residents are as sick minded as him and his fellow councillors, what is it that drives this perverse envy of the disabled this shameful attack on those that cannot fight back.

My own daughter attended Mapledown school back in the day when even a Tory administration treated disabled people and children with compassion and warmth, I remember mixing with Tory councillors at open days and on one occasion a sports day I organised, but they were a different breed of Tory. The Les Pym's of the then Tory administration would be turning in their graves to witness the evil being bestowed on disabled people and children in Barnet, by the vindictive sick minded Cornelius and his cronies at the town hall.

It has long been obvious that Cornelius and his gang have the Lady Porter mentality at heart, their campaign of ethnic cleansing continues at a pace and every harsh act of evil permitted within the law is being foisted on the disabled the sick and the poor to force them out of Barnet with an enthusiasm and glee that exposes a very dark side to their mindset. But the Owen Paterson(former Conservative Councilor who claimed disabled people should be gullotined for their own good) mentality has only shown its ugly head over the past four or five years, when Cornelius and co have  actively  without thought consideration or consultation set about destroying support services for disabled adults that he and his gang have managed to keep hidden, or got away with lying about what they are doing by claiming they have meaningfully consulted with all affected parties, when in fact no such consultations have taken place.

But now we have it in bold print in the Times newspaper, thank you Times group reporter Chris Hewett for finally doing what a local paper is supposed to do and tell it as it is with no frills and escape route for local councillors. How in the name of everything that is holy can Cornelius claim to be striking a balance, how can giving Barnet residents an electioneering few pennies a week cut in their council tax compare with the unimaginable devastation these cuts will bestow upon these innocent children and their families. What sick minded pervert can possibly consider a cup of coffee a month for some balances out against the destruction of the lives of others, the man is sick he is unwell  his comments are in no way those of a rational balanced human being.

 His Owen Patterson mentality has overtaken his rational, because I for one do not and will never believe that the majority of Barnet residents support this act of evil at Mapledown school and the misery it will bring the pupils and their families.

What is even worse Cornelius and his crew do not base their activities on the outcome of meaningful consultation because they do not consult, they have refused to consult with the Your Choice Barnet families whilst destroying the support services for adults with a learning difficulty, and I have no doubt they have in no way meaningfully consulted with the families and parents of Mapledown pupils.
As the parent of a fifty year old disabled daughter I know how important these support services and clubs are to both the students and the parents, the respite they afford the family carers and parents are invaluable no vital, it allows them to build up their energy levels to cope when their children come home. 

Can I ask you to try to place yourself in the position of these Mapledown family carers, the impact these cuts will have will absolutely destroy their lives. Can you imagine yourself dealing with a disabled child 24/7 day after day, night after night, month after month, year after year with little or no support from your fellow man your local community or local council. Have you any idea how tough a task it is when you received the support of your local community as we did in the past, that is now made a thousand times worse by the contempt shown towards you by this vicious and pernicious council leader and his crew of councillors. can you for one second understand the devastation these parents and family carers must be feeling, knowing the leader of their local council places a few pennies a day for the haves in front of their quality of life and that of their disabled child. let me tell you from my own 50 years of experience at the coal face I cannot imagine the horror these families are feeling, they have been effectively abandoned by their community , how debilitating and soul destroying a feeling must that be, even I cannot imagine what horror they are going through. 

Decent parents love their children unconditionally no matter the level of disability life has presented their child with, and I believe they have a reasonable right to expect support in their endeavours from their community, for me that is a human right and the responsibility of a decent humane society, a society Cornelius and co are determined to destroy. So how in the name of decency and humanity can Cornelius claim this is striking a balance, there is no way this act of evil this shameful act of perverse envy can in any way be described as striking a balance, when any rational human being can see no such balance exists. Let us not forget that Councillor Cornelius was one of the crew who's first act on taking power in 2010 was to vote themselves a payrise.

These Mapledown folk and Your Choice Barnet folk are nor benefit scroungers. They are unfortunate souls born with serious disabilities that they never chose to be born with. The fact that Cornelius and his bunch of sick councillors place these chronically disabled children and adults in the same category as benefit scroungers exposes a fatal flaw in their makeup. They are so blinded by ideology dogma, greed and envy, they cannot differentiate between the minority scrounging off the system, and those that have the human right to be  afforded a decent quality of life in front of tax cut electioneering gimmicks.
This is a shameful act of evil delivered with glee from this pernicious and sick Barnet leader and his administration, and he is branding you the majority of the people of Barnet as his allies in this pernicious act of evil. If you support what Cornelius has to say I repeat wear your badge with pride, if you do not align yourself to this pernicious shameful act of evil then you should stand up and be counted and let Cornelius know in no uncertain terms you do not support what he is doing at Mapledown school in your name.

The fact has to be faced Owen Patterson is not the only Tory with his views, four or five years ago a Tory councillor in another borough implied  euthanasia  of disabled people who contribute nothing to society in financial terms would be a constructive cost saving exercise.  This sick bastard tried to laugh it off as a joke, and let's be honest there are other members of the Tory fraternity that have voiced similar opinions over the years.

Let's not forget Owen Patterson was not evicted from the Tory party for calling for the guillotining of disabled people at birth.  That was apparently deemed acceptable within Tory circles, he was evicted from the Tory party because he was also a member of UKIP.  In other words his fellow Tories did not object to his call for the guillotining  of disabled children at birth, that was apparently  deemed acceptable, in the same way Cornelius and co deemed it acceptable for Councillor Coleman to attack a woman half his body weight in the street, because she did not support the party line and took no action against Cllr Coleman.

Cornelius and co are right wing fanatics that hate the disabled and the have not's in Barnet and refuse to represent them and or provide homes or support services that afford them any quality of life just an existence. Their collective hatred of the disabled is on record and  is there for all to see. They have lied and misrepresented the truth repeatedly, covered up the reality, refused to consult and then lied some more. In their pursuit of quietly destroying support services and the quality of life of disabled and sick people in Barnet. A truth and a reality now spread across the front page of our local Time newspaper for all to see, and the cowering despicable pernicious council leader Cornelius claiming that this unbalanced shameful act of evil at Mapledown School, in some sick pernicious and perverse way strikes a balance.

What it proves beyond any reasonable doubt is Cornelius and his fellow councillors are unfit for office, it is the duty of every elected councillor to act in the best interests of all of their  residents no matter their politics, and not simply in the interest of those that support them to the detriment of those that do not support their party which is the current attitude of our local Tory councillors.

This Times article exposes just how perniciously evil  Cornelius and his crew are, what is even worse is they firmly believe the majority of Barnet residents would stand by and see the lives of these disabled youngsters and their families destroyed for less the a cup of coffee per week in a decent coffee shop.
We should not forget in all of this the redoubtable Kate Kennally (who is in charge of adult social care in Barnet) who is paid a huge salary to protect the disabled from these sort of inhumane attacks, yet has to date gone along with every act of evil bestowed on disabled people in Barnet since her arrival, the only person she protects is herself. This is a woman that is unfit for purpose to concern d with self interest, and a woman that has done everything within her power to deny parents and family carers of disabled adults and children in Barnet the human right of consultation.

If you are a Cornelius supporter and support this act of evil against the peoples of Mapledown School can I ask you to think of me when you invest your ill gotten gains in that cup of coffee, and believe without any ambiguity or doubt that I am praying on behalf of the students and family carers of Mapledown School, and as the parent of a disabled daughter you choke on that coffee.

This morning the Times Newspaper has published another story, detailing how Cornelius crony, Reuben Thompstone, cabinet member responsible for the cut has admitted that he has never even visited Mapledown School ( He has claimed that the school should be more 'creative' in fundraising. Clearly the man is completely out of touch with reality. Does he not realise how exhausting and draining it can be to simply care for a disabled child? Does he really believe that the people begrudge the disabled at Mapledown school 3p a day? Mr Thompstone dishonestly claims that the council had its hands tied. They did not have their hands tied when they voted themselves a huge pay rise, did they? They did not have their hands tied when they passed a budget giving everyone a 3p a day pay cut. Sadly the only people who have their hands tied are the parents of the disabled children at Mapledown school. They can't award themselves a payrise. They can't vote to cut their own tax. All they can do is lie back and take the beating that this administration is giving to them and their beloved children. Mr Thompstone told the Times "“These are austere times and we want to show we are on the side of tax payers." So who is on the other side according to Mr Thompstone? Who is the enemy who he is against? The answer is quite clearly that the disabled are the enemy of Mr Thompstone. These were his words. He was the one who decided that the battle lines in Barnet were between the taxpayer and the disabled. This destroys the lie of Camerons big society. We are not all in it together in Barnet, according to Cornelius and Thompstone. The likes of Cornelius, Thompstone and Kenally have had no pay cut only the Council tax cut. So it is clear in this battle who the losers are and who the winners are.

Finally remember when you blindly put your tribal cross against the name of a current Tory councillor in order to re-elect them in May, without concerning yourself with the consequences, you will be consigning hundreds of disabled people and their family carers and parents in Barnet  to a life of abject misery, all for a fistful of pennies. I have no doubt that for many of you. it will make you feel proud.
John Sullivan is a Barnet resident and a carer. Guest blogs are always welcome at the Barnet Eye

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