Monday, 24 March 2014

Stupid is as stupid does

Ever wondered how you can get ten grand for doing nothing? If you saw an email saying you could earn ten grand for three hours a year work,what would you think? Well there is just such an opportunity coming up. It is called being elected as a Barnet Councillor. That is how much dosh they get and all they need to do for the cash is turn up for two meetings a year. Now as an election is coming up lots of them will be knocking on your door. Aask them what theyve done to justify their 40 grand bung.Ask if they read the One Barnet contract before it was signed. Ask them if they voted to abolish pay and display? Ask them if they realised Barnet Council would be giving Capita Plc a 16 mill bung as part of the one Barnet contract to pay for investment in Capita systems.Ask how they voted when the council cabinetvoted themselves a 50% payrise just after the last election. And then ask them why you should vote for them.. Just remember 'stupid is as stupid does'.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see the £16million question raised the question Cornelius and his crew refuse to discuss.

They repeatedly claimed an in house comparator was not possible due to the desperate need for the Promised Capita investment in IT. They also indirectly claimed LBB did not have access to these vitally needed IT funds that Capita were going to invest once the contract was signed.

By strange coincidence once the contract was signed Capita did not invest the promised millions, Barnet taxpayers did. Which raise the question, were Cornelius and co deliberately misleading Barnet taxpayers, were they being driven by ideology and dogma or did they have no idea what they were doing because they had not read the OBP contract.

They effectively invested £16 million of Barnet taxpayers money into IT that will only benefit Capita and nobody else. Having repeatedly claimed this investment was to come from Capita as a part of the OBP agreement . I suggest this £16 million question needs answering clearly and without ambiguity, before the bad taste it leaves becomes a bad smell.