Monday, 27 October 2014

Why didnt UKIP call for Margaret Thatcher to be tried for treason?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for letting sleeping dogs lie and I bear no enmity towards Lady Thatcher. I am just sick and tired of the completely illogical why so many UKIP supporters and their fellow travellers completely forget her role in the creation of the EU superstate. It was Thatcher who signed the 'Single European Act' on our behalf. Not only that but she never even bothered to read it. Now I'm no fan of Gordon Brown, who was often derided as a megalomaniac control freak, but could you ever imagine him signing such a significant piece of paper without reading it. I am bemused as to why Brown is hated with as much passion as Thatcher is loved, especially when it is clear it was purely his recalcitrance that prevented Tony Blair signing us up for the single currency.

If a Labour leader had signed away our nationhood in the way Thatcher did, we would never ever hear the end of their treachery. Thatcher described hard working British miners as 'the enemy within' whilst presiding over the demolition of British sovereignty. One local Tory tried to use the excuse that 'no one reads such acts before signing them'. This is not true, Gordon Brown was criticised by the same critic for control freakery for reading everything. I was interested by the subject when I found out what Thatcher had done and so I read the whole thing. Much of it is unintelligible jargon, but it is 100% clear even from a cursory read exactly what she was signing away. Another argument was that she was hoodwinked by the Sir Humphreys. This is tosh, she knew what they were like and new that the only way to deal with them is to do her homework. So why didn't she. There are three possible reasons. A. She was too lazy. B. She was too stupid. C. She realised a federal Europe was good for the UK. So if you are a UKIP leaning thatcher fan, maybe you can tell us which of the excuses you prefer?

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Jim Roland said...

Are you being ironic in saying she didn't read it? She was said to have been an absolute stickler for detail and any claim she didn't read it through is most probably defensive spin.