Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Saturday list #72 - A few things to consider about immigration

I thought I'd make a list of a few things which we should consider before talking b0110x about immigration.

1. The NHS would collapse without immigrants.
2. Buses and tubes couldn't run without immigrant workers.
3. Millions of Britions live as immigrants in other countries
4. There are not enough babies being born in the UK to sustain the economy.
5. The government boasts about economic growth. This is driven by immigration
6. The UK has been involved in wars in Iraq, Libya, the Balkans and Afghanistan recently. This has resulted in immigration to the UK.
7. The building trade would collapse without immigrant labour.
8. The success of London as an international city is based on its open and inclusive immigration policy.
9. The UK music industry is a world leader due to the nations mix of musical influences driven by immigrants.
10. No other City in the world has the range of world cuisine present in London and run by immigrants. This makes London a great place for tourists, business and the locals. Mill Hill would not be the same without its Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian and Jewish restaurants. I for one think that the local mixture of people has made our City the best place to live.

PS. I'm writing this from a hotel room in New Delhi. Today I saw the Taj Mahal in Agra. The planet is full of beauty and beautiful people. Not everyone realises this but everyone should


APML said...

Immigration was great in the 1960`they came over to work...

Nowadays the DWP seems to pay their pay cheques .

Rog T said...

Actually I think you should be more concerned about benefit dependency within the indigenous population. I do worry that we are now seeing several generations of families where benefit dependency is a way of life.

I don't really see any positive solutions to this from UKIP, but I suppose to be fair the other parties are just as bad in this respect. I for one don't think workfare is the answer because it doesn't send the message that to get rewards you have to work. As an entrepreneurial workaholic I believe the answer is to educate that hard work = a better life.

Moaneybat said...

Nothing like learning to "Fly Like an Eagle" and a lesson in living in the city of illusions.........don't forget to visit the pahadi at vasant vihar or walk near Yamuna. Kolkata is also worth a visit..