Thursday, 30 October 2014

What do UKIP's millionaire backers want?

It is no secret that UKIP is largely funded by a group of multi millionaire backers. The party has a tiny membership borne out by the fact that it could only field 8 candidates in the Barnet Council elections. Like all organisations with little grassroots organisation they are good at fighting by elections where they can Marshall resources from far and wide, but come a general election, they will lack the feet on the ground to do the hard work.

Clearly the millionaires running the show are not mugs and don't waste money. So what are they hoping to achieve? Recent statements by senior UKIP members exposes that they are taking a strong anti NHS stand. Why could this be? Well I always believe that the best way to figure out such an agenda is to follow the money. If the NHS was abolished, then we'd need to pay far less tax. For most of us though, we'd be worse off by a mile as we'd have to take out highly expensive private health insurance. There is however one group who would do very nicely. Those on top rate taxes, such as the UKIP backers. None of them got their millions by being silly with money, so one has to conclude that they see UKIP as worth a punt. If they can scare the Tories enough, then they might just get what they want. The sad truth for the ordinary UKIP voters is these figures can and will pull the plug on UKIP when it suits them. And it will suit them the day the Tories agree to do their bidding. That day will be when the Tories decide that they must get rid of UKIP to win the election.

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