Sunday, 26 October 2014

A year of the new Barnet bins - No plans to deal with wanton waste  A press release on the Barnet Council website tells us that it's time to buy your recycling bins a birthday cake. Apparently the scheme has been a stunning success! Read on.....

Published Monday 13 October 2014
It will be one year on 14 October since Barnet Council overhauled its waste and recycling service and figures show that it has already proved to be a massive success.
The new easier to use blue recycling bins have been especially popular amongst Barnet residents, who have recycled approximately 25,000 tonnes the past year. This means an additional 5,000 tonnes of recyclable material has been collected, a 30 per cent increase on the same period under the previous system.
Residents have also taken to the new brown food waste bins over the past year, with the council collecting over 30 times more food waste than it previously did under the old system. So far, over 6,000 tonnes of food waste has been collected compared to just 200 tonnes the previous year.
Chairman of the Environment Committee, Councillor Dean Cohen, said: “Our numbers show that the new system has been an overwhelming success and residents are now recycling more than ever. This is very good news all round, for the council taxpayer and the environment.” 

Whilst it seems the new scheme is 'working well' given the huge costs of dealing with this, wouldn't the Council maybe be wise to spend some money on getting us to be a bit less wasteful. Am I the only person in Barnet who finds it disturbing that we waste 6,000 tonnes of food a year, whilst 1/4 of the worlds population will go to bed hungry tonight.


Zoe said...

all very well but the second anniversaire may not be so rosy once the new EU regulations for recycling quality come in to force Jan 2015. where as before curbside sorting meant no broken glass contaminating paper we are now a low grade borough in terms of quality of recyclable waste. Shortsighted win.

Mr Mustard said...

"We are a low grade borough" spot on Zoe. Library closure coming soon to a library near you. More short-sightedness.