Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Daily Mail Great British Bakeoff Hatchet job on Richard Burr or why it's time to dump the Mail

One of the very first blogs I wrote on this site, back in 2008 ( ), was to express my disgust at the Daily Mail for writing an article slagging off singer Kate Nash. Kate and her family are good friends of mine, I sold Kate her first guitar and she even supported the False Dots at the Mill Hill Sports Club before her meteoric rise to fame. You may ask what terrible crime Kate had unleashed on the country to deserve the bile of the Mail? Well as a pretty 21 year old girl, she had a photo with a visible spot. I was disgusted. Many girls have issues with their appearance and articles like that can be so destructive. I had hoped (in vain) that this would be the last time the Mail monstered someone I like for the most ridiculous of reasons. How wrong I was. Yesterday on Twitter, I became aware that they've attacked local builder and master baker Richard Burr.

Great British Bake Off star Richard Burr and his wife Sarah are friends.. Their daughters are students of Jumpup Ballet school which is located at Mill Hill Music Complex (my business) and the whole family are lovely.

So you can imagine my total disgust at the fact that the Daily Mail has done a hatchet job on Richard. It seems that in the Daily Mail's twisted world,  if you are a builder, you shouldn't have gone to a grammar school and you certainly shouldn't run a successful firm. He's accused of being "middle class" and a manager rather than someone who gets his hands dirty. Of course this is all complete rubbish. Like many successful builders, he does some jobs and gets subcontractors to do others.

Anyway, I believe that we should look after our friends and we ask anyone silly enough to buy this horrible rag to consider buying another paper. Apparently the reason the Telegraph wrote a nice article is because they doorknocked all the neighbours, who told them how nice Richard, Sarah and the kids are. There are enough complete B*****tds out there without needing to monster nice people.
I exchanged a few messages with Richards wife Sarah and she is worried that the Mail has started a feeding frenzy in the press. As I mentioned above, the family have young children and it can't be nice to have a national paper poking around for dirt. Neighbours and local shops have been door knocked and  what should be a joyous time has been soured. Is it really the job of National Papers to monster people simply for working hard and being nice? If you read the Daily Mail ask yourself this. Do I really want to buy a paper who stands for the monstoring of people for nothing worse than being intelligent, working hard and living in a nice house? Isn't it about time that we stopped buying rags when they carry on like this?

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