Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Saturday list #71 - 10 things tondo whilst delayed at an airport

I'm writing this from the business lounge at terminal 5 Heathrow. My flight is delayed for min 3 hours as the plane is broken. What does one do to while away the time?

1. Write a silly blog!
2. Take  a wrong turn and have to go through security checks again
3. Try and find a seat
4. Drink lots of beer
5. Text all your friends and read their amusing responses
6. Try and find a member of staff who knows what's going on (the BA app knew more)
7. Configure your new iPad
8. Try and find a football live stream
9. Try and avoid people asking if you know what is happening
10. Make full use of the business lounge services (too bad if you are cattle class)

Anyway off to try no. 8


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