Thursday, 23 October 2014

"I vote to keep my big allowance" Richard Cornelius decides on his own fate

In Barnet Council we have a seemingly ridiculous state of affairs, or so the Hendon Times would have you believe. According to the paper, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the local Tories are voting to keep their allowances in the forthcoming no confidence vote
One may think it is scandalous that the leader can vote on preserving his job and accompanying allowances of tens of thousands of pounds. With a majority of 1 his own vote could keep him in the job.

Of course that ignores the point that it is politics. It also ignores the point that everyone else who could benefit if Cornelius goes should also abstain. If they did them Labour would have a clear majority. This of course would be ,
Marvellous for Labour but it wouldn't reflect the votes of the people of Barnet who in there wisdom elected a Tory majority. I think the Tories are guilty of scandalous maladministration allowing the council to lose too many qualified staff to function, but in a democracy we have the free will to elect bad administrators.

My belief is that the best way to send the Tories a message is to kick out the local Tory MP's at the next election. I take an interest in Town Hall politics, however most Barnet residents couldn't care less. I would wager that well below 50% even know who the leader of Barnet Council is.  Whilst it is all good fun having no confidence votes in a bloke no one has ever heard of, Labour would be far better off actually campaigning on issues people care about. Andrew Dismore walloped Brian Coleman in the GLA elections because people realised Colemans parking policies were idiotic and personally affected them. That is how a good campaign is run. Sadly all we are getting from Town Hall Labour is smug navel gazing that wont win a single vote.

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