Friday, 20 March 2015

Cyril Smith and the British Establishment

It is now 100% clear that peadophile MP Cyril Smith was the subject of a criminal conspiracy, which allowed him to molest children for decades. Now I am not normally one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but in this case it is impossible to draw any other conclusion. Cyril Smith was not a minister. He was not an important figure. So why could he lead such a charmed life? The only reasonable conclusion is thar he was part of a ring of people who had power and influence and used it in e most malign way possible. For senior police officers to be warned off, the only conclusion can be that the corruption was at the highest levels of government. And if the highest level of the British Establishment is simply a front for perverts to molest children, then God help us. It is extremely disturbing. If a minor figure like Cyril Smith could be allowed to Get away with it, then goodness knows how many others are involved and what terrible things have been officially sanctioned. Perhaps the most worrying thing is that the establishment clearly has no appetite to see this exposed. And that can only mean one thing. It is still rife.

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