Friday, 6 March 2015

We don't need a debate to hear how David Cameron has ruined the NHS

There is a lot of debate about whether the Party leaders should have a televised debate. I think this is a completely pointless exercise. We've had five years of the Coalition. David Cameron has a track record to be judged by. Mr Cameron and his colleagues have been making hay about how well the economy is doing and how many new jobs have been created. The sad truth is that it is onlly this month, nearly five years after Cameron took the helm, that the economy has recovered to a point where we are as wealthy as we were in 2008 when the global economic meltdown happened. It is also a fact that the man in charge of business is Vince Cable, not a Tory at all but a Lib Dem. So we have to conclude that in the area where Cameron is claiming his governments greatest success, he is not even in charge. Cable is an economist and is widely recognised as being one of the most capable members of the government. This is born out by the fact that neither the Tories or Labour attack Cable in the way they attack Clegg. Any attempts by these parties to bully Cable inevitably end in a very bloody nose for the bully boys. But Camerons proposition is that the most successful cabinet member should be turfed out on his ear and replaced by a Tory lackey of Cameron.

The sad truth is that the most important thing the govt do is to run the NHS and this doesn't have Mr Cable in charge. This has had a succession of useless Tory lackeys, who are not up to the job. The latest one Jeremy Hunt has been in charge since 2012. How is the NHS doing under his watch. Now regular readers of this blog know that we normally run a joke on Friday, but at 1.20 this morning I got this email from a regular reader of the blog

Thanks to the negligence of Barnet General Hospital I have an incurable cancerous disease the left overs of a carcinoid tumour.

Periodically I have massive debilitating carcinoid attacks and have to inject myself, or if the attack is particularly bad a member of my family has to inject me.

At 10am yesterday morning March 5th , I say yesterday morning because it is now 1-15 am on the 6th. I had a severe carcinoid attack and my wife called the specialist nurses of the Nets team at the Royal a Free Hampstead, who qualified the actions we had taken were correct, but also suggested I take at least one more injection. They asked that we call them later to let them know how things were going which my wife did, but as my symptoms appeared particularly severe and I had minor surgery three weeks ago. They were concerned I might have a bad infection related to my recent surgery, and advised us to ring our GP to get a home visit as a matter of urgency.

My wife called the surgery at 4 pm yesterday March 5th, it is now 1-20 am on March 6th, and I am still waiting for the so called out of hours emergency Dr to arrive, 9hours and 20 minutes since my wife called our GP surgery.

Yet Mathew Offord  the joke of an excuse for an MP of Hendon, insists there are no problems to deal with in our Local NHS, it is now 9 hours and 25 minutes and still no Dr, my wife has gone to bed exhausted, and although I am feeling really ill and have had no sleep for two days, I have to sign off and await the Dr.
How on earth can ignore this? How on earth can anyone with any humanity say that this is a right and proper sitution? There is no need for any debate on this issue. The NHS is falling apart if a man with cancer cannot get the treatment he needs. We read of the barbarity of ISIS, but what we are hearing of here is far more brutal. A man in excruciating pain for 9 hours with no treatment and no help.

That is the sad truth of David Camerons reign. Anyone who reads this blog (look at yesterdays entry) know that we are not friends of the local Labour party. We do however have to look at the bigger picture. In the London Borough of Barnet we have two marginal seats. These are Mike Freer in Finchley and Golders Green and Matthew Offord in Hendon. The sad truth is that the only way we will see the NHS sorted out is to send these two extremely poor MP's packing and replace them with someone who cares about the NHS.

The Conservatives do a grand job looking after their millionaire supporters, top bankers and businessmen. The sad truth though is that any one of us could be writing that letter above. I have cancer and I am ony too aware of the Sword of Damoclese over my head. That my friends is the truth. And tomorrow it could be you, your wife, your son, your mum, your granny, your mistress or your favourite auntie. Unless you vote to fix the problem in May, this will only get far far worse. You don't need a debate to figure that out.

Sorry there is no joke today. I am sure you understand though.

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Cop Yerselves said...

Let me explicitly spell it out:

Andrew Dismore for Hendon and Sarah Sackman for Finchley & Golders Green.

Don't forget Amy Trevethan in Chipping Barnet. Unless these Labour candidates are supported the seats will remain Tory.