Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Met Police Paedophile cover up

It is emerging that the Met Police suppressed inquiries into paedophile activity by powerful politicians and diplomats. It is quite clear what needs to happen. The Police need to conduct a full and thorough investigation and start arresting people. Once people realise that they might go to prison, they might actually start to cooperate. Given the zeal with which they've gone after minor celebrities, it is clear that they can when they have the will. I suspect that this is all being suppressed until after the election. We can only speculate as to why.

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John S said...

When you add the disgusting cover ups of the Thatcher era , to include Hillsborough, The Miners Strike and Police Brutality, Cyril Smith, Saville, Brittan among others. You begin to realise there was nothing she wouldn't do to stay in power, even the sexual abuse and possible murder of children.

I always thought Thatcher was evil, now I know she was even more evil than I gave her credit for.