Saturday 28 March 2015

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 28/3/2015

It's been a good week for tweeters in our little corner of London, sometimes I have to struggle to make ten, sometimes I struggle with what to leave out. This is definately a good week. Must be something to do with coming of Spring!

1. The tweet of the week has to be this. It looks like a very interesting afternoon tomorrow at the Phoenix Theatre

Trailer for the documentary Tony Benn: Last Will and Testament this Sunday 2pm

2.  The Save Barnets Libraries campaign are keen for you to join their March today at 11am from Edgware to Mill Hill library

  1. So who is coming on the march tomorrow? Meeting at Edgware library at 11am, then on to Burnt Oak and Mill Hill!

3. We are sad to see the departure of Martin Buhagiar from the Hendon Times. It seems not everyone in Barnet felt the same. We felt that Martins riposte to disgraced criminal Brian Coleman, who's shenanigans Martin did much to expose, was worthy of a first. This is the first Twitter exchange we've listed in this feature. We think it is a classico and definitely 1-0 to Martin.

    1. Good riddance to a nasty piece of work who has driven Hendon Times into the ground (although the rot set in before him)
  1. Haha thanks my redundancy payout was nearly as much as one of your weekly taxi claims. Oh, and I gave my laptop back...
4. Nicole Bursten finds Edgware to be a town of contradictions. I believe "ware" is the old English word for town and so I guess it's a pretty Edgy place!

weirdly, Edgware has a Middlesex Address, a Harrow post code, and is in the London Borough of Barnet.

5. Top marks for Deputy Leader of Barnet Council Dan Thomas, for spotting this! Didn't realise he was a Lidl man. Good to know the deputy leader of the Council is keen on counting pennies

Is advert filmed at local helping them compete with Harrod's food hall? Just saw Bentley parked at its Edgware store.

6. Want a night out tonight for a great cause. Drew Clode would love you to join him at The Old White Lion!

Some of the best songs. Old White Lion E Finchley next the tube. Saturday 28th. 6.30pm

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7. Clare Newsome mourns the passing of an Iconic Colindale landmark (as I am sure many of us do)

So farewell, then British Library newspaper archive Colindale. Demolished to make way for 'Edition' apartment block

8. Eugene Eyo has been taking some interesting pictures of the locality in Hendon, especially if you like subways (and I don't mean those bland gungy things purporting to be food)!

Subways Pt.1. in

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9. Love this slightly blurry picture from Huw Price.

Venus dancing with the moon over Barnet Odeon. 

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10. Seems like Mill Hill is the place to be if you want to make some noise!

Keep America calm! Rehearse in London instead and Rock till you drop!

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I hope you agree that there have been some crackers! I hope something in this weeks collection brought a wee smile to your face!

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