Sunday 15 March 2015

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 15/3/2015

So here it is. This weeks installment of our fave weekly feature. The good, the bad and the truly bizarre tweets in our little corner of London. There have been a few crackers, let me tell you!

1. The biggest twitter storm this week was the arrival of Russell Brand to give the locals at Sweets Way, who are facing eviction, a little bit of moral support

You can stop hopeless Barnet and greedy Annington developers putting these kids on the street

2. Sunny Neuroshima saw a sight to behold in Burnt Oak, but behaved like a perfect gentleman!

Young woman changing her top on Burnt Oak platform. Being the gentleman that I am, I averted my gaze.

3. Peter Chenery is less than impressed with Lidl in Edgware. Perhaps thats how they keep the prices down!

one till open at Edgware. Are you taking the piss?

 4. For those of us in the Borough who use Thameslink, this is no surprise!

The most commonly used words in Tweets about last week.

5. Love this picture from Robert Hogan of a rather novel way to take tea at Finchley swimming pool in the 1930's. When did we lose our sense of style?

": Tea on the diving board at Finchley Swimming Pool, 1938. " Help! Vertigo!

 6. The Londonist are getting excited because we've got a Literary Festival coming our way!

- there's a free literary festival heading your way

7. Yum Yum, you can sample Helens tasty buns at Cafe Buzz today!

Our wonderful real bread. Choose your bread, choose your filling. Get fresh delicious sandwich made for you.Cafe Buzz

8. The RAF Museum are holding a special event for International Womens day

RT : event 28 March at :  

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9. Michael J HOuse complains that North Londons worst planned event is causing chaos at Mill Hill East this morning. Just shows that the Mill Hill East station is not fit for purpose and needs a serious redevelopment to cope with the massive new development next door.

15 minute wait at Mill Hill East so far trying to get to not ideal prep in 5 degrees!


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10.  Aa great, sultry picture from Rob Finlay, as he starts working on his new album in Mill Hill

Working on new tracks for upcoming . Getting back to work after the year of the

Thats all for this week, hope you have a great week!!!!!

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