Friday 10 April 2015

10 Reasons why Ed Miliband is not fit to be Prime Minister

In a months time we will be electing a new Prime Minister. This is by far the most important General Election since the last one. Unlike every General Election since the last one, we are faced with a stark choice, between a brilliant Conservative candidate and a lousy Labour Candidate. In a democracy, the populace has a solemn responsibility to choose who runs the country and it is vital that they do this in such a way that the top 1% of wealth owners in the UK are looked after, because without them the rest of us plebs would have nothing to read about in the gossip columns. 

Image result for ed miliband bacon sandwichThis time the hapless leader of the Labour Party is Mr Edward Samuel Karl Josef Vladimir Ilyich Ho Che Min Miliband. The Barnet Eye has throughly researched Ed (known as 'Little Ho') to his friends career, using the highly respected archives of the Daily Mail and we have concluded that Little Ho is in no way fit to lead our great country. Here are the top ten reasons why Big Dave C must be reelected as Prime Minister.

How on earth can such a man ever be Prime Minister.

Image result for ed miliband bacon sandwichPlease note that due to the burgeoning Ed Miliband Crisis, the Barnet Eye has banned the Friday Joke and has also declared this blog to be an irony free zone. We completely agree with the Daily Mail that a man as terrible as Ed "Little Ho" Miliband is not fit to be Prime Minister. The evidence is clearly there if you read the Daily Mail carefully!

We back Big Dave and his "Use a condom, hug a NonDom" campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I take it that you are joking Roger , Because from your comments , you are suggesting that we vote for our totally useless Torie , M.Ps who have done F all , except for the very wealthy !!!