Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 26/04/2015

Brian Coleman once famously said "Twitter is for Twits". This was before he discovered the charms of the medium. It does seem that it brings out the most boring aspects of politicians, which is why I am largely giving them a wide berth for this feature. If I see another picture of a bunch of bum  faced activists walking up a road with a tweet saying something like "great days canvassing in East Ainington Street" I think I'll scream. However as Brian has unblocked me on twitter and said something I heartily agree with, I've made him the Tweet of the week. I am sure he'll be delighted

1. The Tweet of the week from Brian Coleman. Early this week I was at the funeral of Mario Moro much loved Father in Law of my studio manager, and I was digusted by the state of Hendon Crematorium.

Glad to see the cobwebs removed at Hendon Crem for tonight's funerals , you could see the chipped paintwork , refurb needed

2. Hannah Worrall is impressed to see a Burnt Oak lad made good! Lawrence Lynch is and old mate of mine so great to see him getting a few accolaides

Edgware-born plumber taps into playwriting with d├ębut show Burnt Oak


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3. Great to see Barnet FC back in the Football League (if not actually back in Barnet!) We were there for the moment, it was a great party!

Barnet clinch Conference title: Barnet FC are back in the Football League after clinching the Conference champ...

Photo published for Barnet clinch Conference title 

4. Intrigued by this tweet. It seems that Barnet is getting its own TV Channel. Does anyone out there know about this? Seems like a fantastic idea. Maybe they could work with the Barnet Bugle, who films council meetings?

Filming at the with students from

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5. The Londonist think One Barnet, Housing and Schools will do for Matthew Offord in Hendon

Housing, One Barnet, schools: what will decide marginal Hendon? (pic: Steve Reed)

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6. Sherlock Homes is a patron of the Phoenix Cinema!

Sherlock star & Oscar-nominated unveiled as new patron

7.  This is a tweet that deserves a wider audience

'Finchley Goes To War' guided walk this Sunday at 10.30. . See

8. Fancy seeing some Jazz in Mill Hill?

9. Brian R has a great picture of a big fire in Edgware

Firefighters tackle blaze in Edgware - This is Local London

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10. And a  great pub in Colindale celebrated its first birthday under the fantastic new management with the magnificent JJ & the Ukettes

At for their 1st birthday party with great night

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Thats all for this week folks!

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