Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sad example of Tory infighting that will lose them a seat

Today should have been a day of triumph for local Conservative MP Matthew Offord. Mayor of London Boris Johnson visted Mill Hill to sprinkle some stardust on Matthew. A whole army of tame tweeters, bussed in for the occasion, went to work. But sadly, local Tory activists were excluded from the party - Despite our little tiffs with the Barnet Bugel. we do recognise Dan Hope as the only hard working Tory activist in Barnet. That he was deliberately excluded from a major Tory event defies belief. What more can we say.


Mrs Angry said...

Well how very amusing: there appears to be not one single local Tory activist there, let alone any local councillors ... the writing really is on the wall for poor Offord. I hear even Max has rung up Battersea Dogs Home asking to be rehomed. Shame.

John S said...

How shamelessly false, what shallow people , CAMERON scared silly of Ed Milliband, Boris scared of local Barnet Tory activists, and Offord scared of everybody in particular West Hendon residents.

Seems CAMERON is not the only spineless bully boy in the Tory party, the party actively engaged in the social cleansing of London. Led from the front by the righ wing bully boy Boris the buffoon.