Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Budget commentary

Today George Osborne will announce yet another budget. The message we will be given is that his hard right policies haven't worked so he's going to inflict even more pain on the the poorest sectors of society. Luckily there are groups that George feels sorry for, such as the very rich. These will be given even more tax cuts. Groups such as the disabled will be forced to pay for this. It seems that George backed off from attacking our pensions but this is likely to be a temporary repreive.

The plan is clearly not working, but George is still heading straight for the edge of the cliff, with his foot on the accelerator. The legacy of Cameron and Osborne is likely to be the departure of the UK from the EU, the break up of the UK and the eclipse of us as an economic power. It is all rather distressing really.

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Anonymous said...

Your assumptions are correct in the most part Roger , the problem isn't the idea of the EU, it's the complete incompetence of the politicens that run it that have destroyed the dream ! What we have is huge incompetence & corruption on a massive scale with most of the central & Local politicians in the pockets of big business who's interest it is to have a Low wage economy & like any bully's it is far easier to pick on the weak ! This government has gone out of there way to vilify the disabled, there is a president for this in Nazi Germany they done the same & you know what everyone turned a blind eye to what happened there & claimed no knowledge after the War ! But these things don't really happen ( Do They ) .