Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Saturday list #83 - My ten favourite tasty snacks in London

Whitecross St Market
Had an interesting conversation in the pub earlier this week. Whilst for some of my readers this might seem the height of triviality, for many of us this is one of our biggest daily dilemmas. It is 11.45am and lunch beckons. For most of us the days of three course sit down lunches are a thing of the past. So what do we get for a snack to keep us going. My current office is based near Whitecross Street, near the Barbican. There is an excellent street market there with many food huts. I am making my way through them all. So I thought I'd put together my favourite snacking list in London. Any to add to the list?

1. A bacon and tomato sarnie on wholemeal toast, with Grilled tomatoes - Cafe Buzz - Finchley
2. A chorizo, mushroom and pepper roll at Whitecross Street food hut.
3. Pie and Mash from the pie and mash stall in Borough Market
4. A pork pie from Boucherie Gerard in Mill Hill, lovingly scoffed on the park bench in the Mill Field
5. A falafel Sandwich at Sunny Hill Cafe in Sunny Hill park in Hendon
6. A charceturie board on a Sunny day by the Thames at The Founders Arms
7. A porters breakfast at the Fox and Anchor in Smithfield ( a bit more than a snack really!)
8. An almond croissant from Cravin's coffee hut on Mill Hill Broadway station
9. A hog roast from Borough market washed down with a pint at The Rake
10. A tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake at Finchley nurseries after a nice walk over Totteridge valley

Now all of these are based on just how much I enjoy them. Perhaps one thing which has sadly departed from the list is the half time pie and a pint at most London football grounds. This has become an arm and a leg job, so I really can't afford it and I resent the sheer rip off experience. It's fair to say that I could have made the whole list from both Whitecross St and Borough markets, as these are worth a good few trips for snacking. Some are great snacks, enhanced by the location in which they are sampled, such as a pork pie at the Mill Field and the Charceturie at The Founders Arms. I had to include the Porters Breakfast, because this is perhaps the greatest guilty pleasure of all.

There are dozens of pubs that it is great just to have a quiet pint, eat a bag of cheese and onion crisps and read the Evening Standard

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