Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Who's FRIT Dan? Tell us the truth!

Yesterday we brought you a blog from the website of Tory Deputy Council Leader and GLA candidate Dan Thomas. The reason we published it was because Dan has deleted it from his site and it contains a few views which clearly Dan doesn't want his ethnically diverse electors to see.

Well we got a response (of sorts )  on Twitter

  1. Ha! The local opposition are running scared!

A bit of a strange response from a man who won't say what his views are on Brexit and a man who gags himself on his own blog.  We wonder just who has gagged Dan? Was it David Cameron or was it Boris? Or was it the pair of them because he's a bit embarrassing? It seems a bit odd that a supposedly right wing libertarian party is full of people gagging anyone who has a view on the most important issue to face the UK. Aren't they confident of their own powers of persuasion. AS Lady Thatcher would say, they are FRIT!!!!

This is British Pie Week. It seems the only sort we get from Tories is Porkie Pies!

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