Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Saturday List #82 - Match of the Day pundits who would be more interesting than Alan Shearer

Yesterday Brian Coleman suggested that having Jermain Jenas as on BBCQT was like having George Osborne as a pundit on Match of The Day. A wag immediately shot back "He'd be more interesting than Alan Shearer". So we thought we'd compile a list of pundits who'd be more interesting than Alan Shearer. Do you agree?

1. Jo Brand
2. Mark E. Smith
3. Donald Trump
4. Ali G
5. Nigella Lawson
6. The Stig from Top Gear
7. Pope Francis
8. Alan Carr
9. Shawn Ryder
10. Kim Jong Un

And as a special bonus, here's a list of dearly departed who would have been great.

1. Barbara Woodhouse
2. Sid Vicious
3. Fanny Craddock
4. Emily Bronte
5. Oliver Reed
6. Judy Garland
7. Eric Morcombe
8. Dave Allen
9. Marylin Monroe
10. Bela Lugosi

I thnk all of these would give us a truly marvellous insight sadly lacking from Alan Shearers musings

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