Wednesday, 15 June 2022

The Mill Hill Music Festival 2022 - Rog's Festival Diary Day 2 - Tuesday 14th June

 So after  abreak on Saturday and Sunday, we moved to Hartley Hall in Mill Hill for our night at the Opera, with the Charles Court Opera (Check our programme for the full details). Their show was entitled Express G&S (Gilbert and Sullivan). The Charles Court Opera are a very professional set up and have been associated with the Mill Hill Music Festival for a number of years. Long time readers, who have read this blog in previous years will know I don't have much input to the Opera. They have their own equipment and crew. Most of my day was spent sorting out equipment etc at the studio for shows later in the week. 

I went down to the Hartley Hall at around 6.30 to assist with marshalling and give what assistance I could. The event was sold out and it was nice to see the people of Mill Hill turn up en masse. After the show was over, we adjourned for a quick bite to eat at Prezzo. They now shut at 10pm, which meant that we got a main course and a beer and were turfed out. I nipped over to the Mill Hill Services club for a swift shandy to wind down. 

When we first started planning the festival last June, we really had no idea whether there would be an audience. We are now looking as if we might break even, which would be a massive achievement for a self funded independent festival in the current post Covid climate. There are still a few tickets left for all of the events. We had a restriction of 150 tickets for the amazing Brit Funk Association gig on Friday, as we needed to check the weather. This is looking as if we can go outside, so the capicity rises from 150 to 300 and we can start really promoting it again. If you like funk music, check this out and why not buy a ticket. It will be a gloriuos evening and a great party. After a difficult two years, come along. It's outside, so no need to worry about lurgys!

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