Sunday, 7 December 2008

Letter to Brezhnev Mike Freer

Dear Comrade Brezhnev Freer,

Warmest fraternal comradely greetings. Since your excellent putsch to depose General Secretary KruschevCouncil Leader Salinger, I hear work is progressing well on the Five Year Plan Future shape scheme. The excellent scheme to stifle debate by ordinary party members councillors on decisions taken by the PolitburoCabinet has proven most effective. We note that the schemes to replace outdated, inefficient green spaces with efficient concrete rabbit hutches for the proletariat is progressing nicely. I am pleased to see that General secretary Gromyko CEO Leo Boland has been suitably rewarded with anorder of Lenin Job for Boris for all his hard work supporting our plans.

I hear that you have had some trouble with that awkward intellectual Solzhenitsyn Dexter Whitfield. These types never appreciate the generosity of the regime and must be crushed !!!!!

I have read with great interest your latest achievements in It seems that you are achieving great things. It is a shame about the minor diificulty in Cuba with KennedyIceland with the cash. These offshore adventures can often have unpredictable consequences.

Anyway, must go - got to invade Vietnam shut the studio's up

Yours Sincerely

Chairman MaoRog


Unknown said...

Seriously this is now quite pathetic and childish for a grown man - it borders stalking!

Rog T said...


Strange how you only ever comment about Mike Freer (even on blogs about Coleman)? Why could this be?

If he doesn't like nasty comments, then he's going for the wrong job in Westminster. he needs to develop a backbone.

He's council leader, he's been on telly this week with a controversial policy (future shape), he's got a record of mmistakes. Unlike the Cabinet and the Tory Councillors, I feel I should use my right of free speech to expose him in his failings. Many barnet Tories agree with me.

It's not personal, I'm sure he's a lovely chap, but I think he's a poor leader, a control freak and shirks responsibility. If he disappears from the Barnet political scene, then I'll happily forget about him.

Unknown said...

Yes I do comment back about Mike Freer as 99% of your posting is about him.

Future shape is not controversial it is a document in which the council are looking into ways in which they can continue to provide services with less funding, they haven't from what I have read signed up to anything whatsoever, so what is wrong with discussing it?

Anonymous said...

"Future shape is not controversial"

You are very off message!

Rog T said...


Your math is about as good as your level of comment. If you check, 3 of the last 4 posts are nothing to do with freer. No wonder you lost £27.4 Mill.

If you think future shape isn't controversial, why did 400 people protest outside the council offices and the BBC turn up.

I totally agree that it needs discussion. Shame thatthe paper was issued the day before the deadline for questions. Handy that. I'll discuss it with Councillor Freer any time he likes !

Yet again I have to supply the dictionary definition of a word. You know barnet College do a very good English course.

causing disagreement or discussion:
a controversial issue/decision/speech/figure
The book was very controversial.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


I take it as a compliment that “dave” and the other Friends of Freer leave these messages. If they weren’t so worried about the number of people who are reading our blogs, they would simply ignore them.

It clearly gets under Mike Freer’s skin that the prols dare to have an alternative opinion and are unable to see the glory of his great master plan. Blogging brings democracy to the masses and oh how the political classes hate it!

If elected, it will be very interesting to see how Mike Freer copes as a back bench MP, given his control freak tendencies. From being a big fish in a little pond, to a sprat in an ocean, I think he will find the loss of power and influence absolutely unbearable.