Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Your Choice Barnet Week - Commentary

So far this week, the Barnet Eye has published three blogs from members of the public affected by the fiasco that is Your Choice Barnet. Perhaps the most moving contribution has been from Phillip Rackham talking about how the YCB cuts have drastically impacted his quality of life. The cruellest cut has been that to transport, cutting people off from friends and social activities at day centres. All this whilst executive salaries have skyrocketed - No "We're all in it together" here.

The Barnet Eye is proud to give the dispossessed of Barnet a platform. Every week our local papers give local politicians a platform. They use this to promote themselves and to try and stay in a job. Isn't it about time that they started to get out there and give people like John Sullivan, Janet Liefer and Phillip Rackham a platform, to put right the ills in our community?

The Barnet Eye urges everyone in Barnet to join the campaign. Tonight at 6:30 at the Greek Cypriot Centre in Britannia Road, North Finchley, there is a meeting of community campaigners. If you have been moved by what Phillip, Janet and John said, why not come along and see how you can help?

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