Saturday 21 December 2013

The Saturday List #48 - The 1970's vs the Twenty Teenies

I grew up in the 1970's a few things have changed since then. Here's a list of a few tings

1. VD has become STD's

2. Jokes on TV don't include racism but are ageist.

3. Footballers now wear tights and gloves and spend half the game rolling on the floor

4. You eat food in pubs but you don't smoke

5. Trains aren't blue and white don't have engines on the front (sadly they are still smelly and late though)

6. You can eat Turkish food, Italian Food and Pizza in Mill Hill but you can't get tea at the Scottish Tea Rooms

7. Kids aren't thick any more, they are special

8. Telly doesn't stop at Midnight

9. You can't stand up at football but you can't sit down on a Thameslink Service in rush hour !

10. We don't have Top of the Pops on a Thursday

So some things have got much better and some things have got much worse

Have a luvly weekend from Barnet's premier entertainment and gossip blog !

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Unknown said...

STD was how you dialled long distance and wireless was something you listened to.