Tuesday 13 December 2016

Barnet Eye Awards - A community champion for Barnet

 The False Dots will appear at The Barnet Eye Awards
Are you coming to the Barnet Eye awards on Friday at 9pm at The Midland Hotel in Hendon? It would be great if you do, as we will be introducing the Barnet Eye community Champion. He is a man many of you know. He has been a tireless campaigner for workers rights and social justice. He has been at the heart of many protests for good causes for as long as I can remember. He has worked tirelessly organising in a sane and rational way. He is respected by politicians of all colours in the Borough, even those that disagree with him.More recently he has bravely written a blog about his struggle with depresssion and mental health issues. He has gone public over this to try and persuade people that it is not  a taboo subject and that we should talk about it.

With suicide being the biggest killer of young men aged between 18-35, it is vital that we recognise this and offer support to people with such issues. He is currently involved in a battle with his own Union over alleged electoral malpractice in recent elections for senior Union officials. Yet another example of his willingness to fight for what is right, even when there is a considerable personal risk in his actions.

Who is he? Well you will have to come along on Friday to find out. Full details here. There will also be live music with The False Dots, Tell The Others, Just Jammin' and Tony Shaw.

The fun starts at 8pm. It is free entry. We would love to see you there.

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