Sunday 4 December 2016

The Tweets of the week - 04/12/2016

Here it is. The fave regular feature. What have the local twits been up to?

1. A great tweet. We love this place.

2. Whilst on matters celestial
3. On a more serious note, many people will be relieved to read this tweet

4. A serious assault happened in East Finchley. I sincerely hope they catch this scumbag piece of filth ASAP.
5. Fancy a bit of reenactment

6. The Barnet Police are pleased to announce that good children get presents this year. They haven't said if naughty ones will get nicked!

7. And don't forget those in need. Colindale Foodbank don't!

8. Nice Image of buses at Golders Green

9. We luv a paaarrrrty. So do the chaps at Mill Hill Rugby club

10. And here's a marvellous video from Barnet TV ;)

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