Tuesday 22 August 2017

A Trip around The Borough of Barnet - Day 2 - Hendon in the summer of '76

We live in an amazing borough. For some time, for some time I've been meaning to do a little series on the good things. So all this week, I'll be taking you on a little trip around the Borough, detailing some of the things I like most in our neighbourhood and a few great tales. Here's installment 2 -

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One of the best blogs I've read about our area is one which is the recollections of a train driver from what is now the Thameslink line. He writes a fascinating account of driving DMU's (the old diesel suburban workhorse trains) through the Borough. It takes us back to the summer of 1976, a summer remembered for it's endless sunny days. The one I've chosen details how he drove a train full of passengers at full pelt through a brush fire at Silkstream Junction (between Mill Hill and Hendon). No health and safety concerns in those days.

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I would have put a snippet up but couldn't obtain copyright clearance. Make the effort though, it's worth it. I love such stories from the past in our neighbourhood.

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