Friday 11 August 2017

The Friday Joke - 11/08/2017

I thought this picture and headline from the Barnet Times was a pure gem. Council leader Richard Cornelius and Roads chief Councillor Schmuckus McMuckus have just collected the keys to a state of the art, brand new pot hole repairing machine! Look at it's new paint glisten in the sun.  Luckily there was a photographer on site to record this happy purchase for posterity! (yes this is a genuine Barnet Times story).  I wonder if they bought it in the car park behind the pub, from a man with a dog!

The Hendon Young Conservatives, being a very worldly wise and astute bunch  of earnest young people are clearly impressed. They clearly believe this super duper machine is the answer to all our pothole problems, but of course only if the Tories win the Council elections in 2018 and kick out the current incompetent administration, who have allowed our roads to go to rack and ruin!

Oh hang on a minute, we've just found out that the Conservatives have actually been in power in the Borough of Barnet since 2002. A plague of Socialism must have descended on the Borough to craftily install these naughty potholes, lead by Jeremy "The Terrorist" Corbyn on his bicycle? There can be no other explanation.

I do recommend that you follow the Hendon Young Conservatives account. I don't know if it is really a spoof account drenched in superb irony. Check this tweet!

They've clearly never heard of Lynton Crosby. Here's a nice tweet about how he ran the Tories mavellously successful, positive general election campaign

I suspect that whoever runs the Hendon YC Twitter account has a very bright future in PR in front of them! They certainly know how to cheer up a cynical old git like me!


Anonymous said...

Off subject how is the screenplay about the early days of the false dots progressing,any chance of outing out what you've already completed?

Rog T said...

It is one of four projects I'm working on. Got as far as a one page synopsis, a skeleton plot and a timeline. It'll be from 6/7/1979 when I saw the Ramones & discovered punk rock to our first gig at Harwood Hall. Toying with ending it as we are about to go on, in a state of chaos as our singer hadn't turned up, rather than at the end of the gig, which was pretty euphoric. It's made me re-evaluate the events, trying to write it all down. Who should we get to play Hank Marvin?