Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Wednesday Poem #26 - Where are the sardines now?

Todays Poem marks the start of Silver Jubilee season with an Ode commemorating the most infamous momemt in Premier League History!

Simmons says he was in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'.
Ooh La La, Cantona

Ooh Aah, Oooh La La,
An early bath for Cantona,
Left the field in disgrace, 
then kicked a yobbo in the face,
Scandal headlines in The Sun,
A lengthy ban soon begun,
Up in court before the beaks,
Community Service for a couple of weeks,
Cantona what did you do?
Uniteds hopes were pinned on you!
United's season in disarray,
Us City boys exclaimed Hooray!
Blackburn Rovers won the league,
A single point I do believe,
These days old Eric advertises lager,
United fans recall the saga,
Viewed through the prism of time,
They think old Eric did just fine,
The Seagulls have all now flown,
The Sardines will be left alone,
So long Eric, one thing is true,
We won't see another like you. 
Copyright 2017 - Roger Tichborne

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