Sunday 10 December 2017

The Barnet Eye Community Awards 2017

Last night we held the Barnet Eye Annual Awards 2017at the Chandos Arms in Colindale. I am thrilled to say that the evening was absolutely brilliant. The pub was packed, thanks to all the award winners for turning up in such good heart. All of them thoroughly deserve the award they received. We were also thrilled to raise over £100 for Colindale foodbank. Massive  shout out to Mill Hill Rugby club, The Day of the Raj Express at Mill Hill East and The Mill Hill Music Complex for donating the fantastic prizes. Also a special thank you to our old friend John Keough for taking the time to video the events for us. And finally for everyone who came down for making it a special evening.

Here's a few tweets of some of the fun!

Barneteye Person of the year
Councillor Jack Cohen
Nominated by The Barnet Eye

Citation : “Over three decades, Jack Cohen has been the most effective local councillor in Barnet, representing the Childs Hill Ward. During the period of Lab/LibDem administration, Jack was Mayor and has worked tirelessly for Childs Hill Ward, ensuring that local interests are defended.”

Barneteye Charity of the year
The Colindale Foodbank
Nominated by Emily Kollviett

Citation: “Colindale Foodbank has become a sadly essential part of many desperate local residents lives. Their work has literally saved many families from hardship and hunger and deserve recognition for their efforts.”

Barneteye Pub of the Year
The Chandos Arms
Nominated by Graham Ramsey

Citation: “Emily and Are have turned a failing boozer around into one which won the national pub awards for best community pub. Who are we to argue”

Barneteye Band/Artist of the Year
Drop Pink
Nominated by Mill Hill Music Complex

Citation: “Heading the new generation of local bands, Drop Pink have not only made some great music, but they’ve put themselves at the heart of the local scene with great performances at the Mill Hill Broadway Festivals this year”

Barneteye Sports Club of the Year
Mill Hill Rugby Club
Nominated by Richard Logue (Prospective Lib Dem Candidate for Mill Hill)

Citation: “Mill Hill Rugby Club exemplify what a community sports club should be. They have been at the heart of the local sporting community for decades”

Barneteye Community Event of the Year
North Finchley Music Festival
Nominated by The Barnet Eye & Mill Hill Music Complex

Citation: “Staging an event with 50 live bands at six venues was a monumental achievement.  Roll on next year”

Barneteye Campaigner of the year
Philippa Whitecross
Nominated by John Burgess (Local UNISON Branch secretary & campaigner of the year 2016)

Citation “. I’ve known Philippa for quite a few years and have watched her confidence grow as she embraced different campaigns across Barnet. I admire her courage, her enthusiasm and her sense of self. She is always willing to learn and take on new ideas if it means the campaign will be a success.”

Barneteye Local Campaign of the year
Stop Paddy Power in Colindale
Nominated by The Barnet Eye
Award preseneted by Andrew Dismore (Local GLA Assembly member)

Citation: “A fantastic campaign, bringing the whole community together. Amazing work done by Colindale Village Residents Association to ensure that this unwanted addition was stopped”

Please note that Phillipa Whitecross and John Burgess were not present at the awards so we will present that award at a later date.

We also had a performance by The False Dots and Drop Pinj to entertain the masses. Here is a clip of "Espresso Soho" and "Her Question" by the False Dots.

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