Sunday 3 December 2017

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 03/12/2017

Here it is again, the Tweets of the Week. Don't forget to follow any Tweeters who tickle your fancy.

1. Great to see local residents support Small Business!

2. I am breaking a golden rule here, but another tweet from Barnet Council. The reason, this is a great small business in Burnt Oak and I love the doggy standing guard, so I hope you'll forgive me!

3. We rathe like this from Burnt Oak Library

4. I'm glad some of our tweeters are damn persistent. @Superfast72 has been on the case with this for an age. We fully support his efforts

5. And Colindale Foodbank is another cause we fully support

6. And if you want a party, we thoroughly recommend our favourite Rugby club

7. We love a great historical tweet. This is a cracker!

8. Want to see one of Finchley's oldest buildings demolished? If not, you know what to do

9. I think we can all agree this is one Tory we'd like to see returned

10. Sometimes it's nice to be appreciated. I was so cold by the time this finished!

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