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The Friday Joke - 10 films that really should be remade! 01/12/2017

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The New Alt Right 
I said to my darling wife  "let's go out for dinner later. She said 'lets stay in and get a takeaway and watch a classic film". I said what do you fancy? She said "I'd love to watch Oh Brother, where art thou". I quipped back "Is that the Ryan Giggs lifestory? As a City fan I'm not that interested". As ever I was dismissed as an idiot. However it got me thinking. What films should be remade?

I got to thinking about some of the great films I've seen over the years. How could they be remade to have a more modern theme. I was surprised at how easy it was to come up with a list. Do you have any suggestions?

Here are my top ten.

1. Oh Brother, where art thou - The story of Ryan Giggs and his beloved bro!

2. Citizen Kane - I suppose this will only be made if Harry Kane moves to Manchester City!

3. Apocalypse Now - A film I hope isn't made (well I suppose it wouldn't  be, would it). The Story of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un

4. Psycho - The Stuart Pearce story (Nuff said!)

5. Some Like it Hot - The true story of the Mill Hill Rugby Club Xmas Curry 1988 at the Mill Hill Tandoori (It is a hilarious story, I'll retell it sometime)

6. The Blair Witch project - The story of how Mrs Tony shaped Tony into "How Cherie Moulded Britains most successful Prime Minister of modern times" (It's Hollywood!) (I'd cast Hugh Grant as Tony and a young Bette Davis as Cherie in a perfect world, and with access to a time machine!)

7 . Zombieland - The Story of Donald Trumps Whitehouse

8.  Dumb and Dumber - The rise of Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and The Alt Right in the USA

9. Dazed and Confused - The Boris Johnson Story

10. Groundhog Day - The life of an Arsenal fan in the 21st Century

Have a Great Weekend. Why not join us for some fun at the Mill Hill Market today or tomorrow.

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