Sunday 21 January 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet 21/01/2018

A surprisingly good week for the Tweeters of Barnet. Some rather nice ones on here.

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1. And you thought Grahame Park was all tower blocks and ugliness! Great pictures from a regular!

2. Well done to our next generation of Olympians! Currently being put through the paces by Edgware Scouts

3. This is a lovely idea. Let's see more of it across the Borough!

4. This is rather disturbing. If you see people behaving suspiciously, please notify the Police.

5. A great picture from the Met Police at The RAF Museum

6. A sad sight for everyone who has an association with Barnet FC

7. The Ducks are coming (well they are if you are in Totterdige).

8. Seems like a certain footballer was getting groomed in Mill Hill. I wonder if he has a job interview somewhere?

9. This is a campaign we've been supporting. Respect to Mark Amies for sticking with it!

10. One of our local institutions lost a friend this week

That's all folks !!!!

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