Friday 19 January 2018

Guest Blog - Why Jeremy Hunt is the most competent minister in the Conservative government by John Sullivan

By John Sullivan,
Why are people appealing to Jeremy Hunt to save our NHS,? Why are they calling him incompetent? Why have they not awoken and smelt the coffee?
It should be crystal clear to everyone in the country that Jeremy Hunt is by far the most competent minister in the Theresa May's  government.  He was tasked with destroying our NHS, an NHS that relies absolutely on staff morale, destroy staff morale and you destroy our NHS. Then starve it of funds to destroy the quality of provision, bring it to the edge of bankruptcy , then claim the only people with the funds to rescue our NHS, is the private sector, that Jeremy Hunt has had numerous meetings with in the past 4 years . Whilst at the same time breaking up the NHS into 28 easy to sell off parcels, for when the time comes for a fire sale to his American and British friends in private healthcare provision. And make no mistake, that time will be soon.

There is no point appealing to Jeremy Hunt or challenging his competence, he was tasked with the destruction and the privatisation of our NHS, and nobody in their right mind can say he isn't achieving his goal.
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So wake up and smell the coffee people. Unless you take a stand now, your most valuable and necessary asset in life, our NHS will be destroyed, broken up and sold off.  The health insurers and providers are already circling the UK like sharks smelling blood. That blood is devastation of cuts, where this January we have a crisis so serious, all but emergency operations have been cancelled. (Ed note On friend of ours, has had an operation for a pre cancerous oesophageal condition cancelled). This crisis is not caused by anything other than a deliberate policy of neglect, designed to soften up British voters for a full scale privatisation.
Many millions will die early, or consigned to live a life of pain or debt misery as a result of health bills. This is not scaremongering, as this  is exactly what happens in the good old US of A, where the majority of the private health care companies and health insurers, who Jeremy Hunt has been meeting with these past four years are based.

Either stand up and fight for it, or wave goodbye to our NHS. But for goodness sake, stop appealing to Jeremy Hunt. He is simply carrying out the orders of the paymasters of the Tory party, the well off few who begrudge the common man the right to decent health care, dignity and a life without fear of bankruptcy when illness strikes.  The only way to stop this is for everyone in the UK who cares and has a heart to use every means at their disposal to send Hunt and his cronies a message that they cannot treat the honest citizens of the UK with such disdain. Don't buy the products of companies associated with privatisation of Health Care such as Virgin Group. Don't buy the papers that support this destruction such as The Sun, and when there are elections such as the Council elections in May, vote for the party most likely to keep the Tories out, so that a message they can't ignore is sent. 
John Sullivan is a local resident and regular guest blogger at The Barnet Eye. Guest blogs are always welcome at The Barnet Eye. John has a special interest in the NHS and Adult Social care issues.

Five years ago, John Sullivan was involved in a legal challenge against the One Barnet outsourcing program. Here is an interview we made at the time, where John outlined his reasons for opposing outsourcing. In light of what has happened with Carillion this week, I think it is very illuminating to listen to Johns comments. His fears expressed at the time are clearly well founded. I would recommend that everyone has a look at this.

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