Monday 29 January 2018

When will Mill Hill and other areas in the Borough receive proper High Speed Broadband?

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There is absolutely nothing more irritating than lazy politicians making stupid boasts that are completely at odds with the reality of many of our lives.

This morning the Barnet Tories rather idiotically retweeted a tweet from Tory central office making a claim that is extremely annoying for those of us trying to run businesses in Mill Hill and many other areas in Barnet.

Amongst the businesses I run, is one letting small offices in Bunns Lane for start-up businesses. At least that is the idea of what we do. We are having a huge amount of difficulty letting the spaces as we do not have high speed broadband. Now if we were in the outer Hebrides, I could understand that there are issues getting decent broadband connections, but we are in London, if anywhere in the country should have High Speed Broadband it is London.

It is not just in Bunns Lane. The Sacred Heart Church recently wrote a letter in support of better internet provision.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Mill Hill Broadway has recently installed a Camera and Live Streaming system to relay church services and events into the homes of the sick, elderly and housebound members of the Parish.
 We believe that this development will not only provide for the spiritual needs of our Parishioners who are not able to come to church but will also help to combat their loneliness and isolation.
 Unfortunately, we are prevented from commissioning this live stream because of the inadequate speed of our broadband connection. We have made requests to BT, our current broadband provider, BTOpenreach and Virgin Media. All however report that there are no immediate plans to establish a fibre link to our property at 2 Flower Lane. My research also suggests that the whole of Flower Lane (apart from the new Hartley Hall and Titan Court) are similarly disadvantaged!
 Can I please urge you to investigate this matter and take steps to resolve it as soon as possible?

Other areas of the Borough report similar problems. What is even more irritating about this tweet is that local Conservative Councillors are quite well aware of this issue. Councillor Val Duschinsky was at the same Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum meeting as myself last Monday where this issue was hotly discussed. I have no doubt at all that Val would be equally irritated by this tweet from her Tory colleagues and I hope she makes a point of taking them to task for issuing such a ridiculous tweet.

I must however say that we need a council that is run by councillors who, rather than spending their lives posting irritating tweets, actually sit down with the big companies that provide vital services and make sure we get a first class service.

Are you still waiting for High Speed Broadband in the London Borough of Barnet. Please email us and give us your property address, inc postcode. We are compiling a list to help support our case to resolve this ridiculous situation.

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CalvinCasino said...

The Tories are having a laugh about high speed broadband & yet, they think everyone has received it while there are other places who doesn't have high speed broadband.